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Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Your network is your net worth. Cliche’, yes, but in the professional world it is an unavoidable truth. It doesn’t matter what career field you are in. Having a powerful, organically developed network is a key tenet of professional and personal fulfillment.

A common misconception (especially in the social media world) is that the power of your network is dependent upon size. To the contrary: quality over quantity. The same rule translates to your in-person network development as well.

The prolific rise and meteoric fall of the social media “influencer” bubble proved that network scale is not proportionate to network value. Don’t take my word for it. Remember the Instagram “star” that had over 2 MILLION followers and couldn’t sell them 36 t-shirts when her clothing brand launched? Well, her case isn’t unique.

The goal is to cultivate and steward a high quantity of high quality relationships. Whether you are in business development, sales, fundraising, financial planning, podcasting, media, photography, communications, a business owner, a franchisee, working towards a promotion, or trying to land your next job -- ANY career path or discipline whatsoever; at all times, your network is your key leverage point.

So, how does one organically develop a powerful and valuable network, one that leads to professional growth, business success, and fruitful, enduring relationships?

Stay tuned; I’m here to help.

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