Adam Featured on Moments by Journeymen Podcast

I was honored to join Jacob and Ian over at the Journeymen podcast -- great guys with a great show!

In this episode, I discussed my career journey through college, the military, and afterwards. I also spoke publicly for the first time about a serious issue I've noticed within the education world: hero-worship.

The culture of hero-worship can lead young people starved for attention (which was me, 10000%) to chase activities and careers that they may or may not be truly passionate about. In my case, it was music. I loved music, and still do, but it took me a long time to discover that I didn't want it for a career.

Take a listen by streaming below, or visit the Journeymen homepage on Anchor to check it out on every major podcast platform.

About Journeymen:

Passion, purpose, and stories, as told by their owners, this is Journeymen. Join hosts, Jacob Carlson and Ian Buchanan, as they engage with an eclectic group of guests, discussing their personal journeys in an intimate setting. Because we all have a story to tell—a journey to share. For those short on time, Jacob and Ian also host Moments by Journeymen—an ongoing series of digestible episodes highlighting the events that define our lives. -- Jacob and Ian are co-founders of Helium Books, a Milwaukee, WI—based company on a mission to elevate lives through the power of reading.

About This Episode:

"Adam Braatz was struggling. Deployed in Iraq, he was grappling with the purpose of it all. Was he providing value? Did his compatriots back home respect his efforts abroad? The questions remained for days, weeks, months—was it all worth it? Was this what he was meant to do? Clarity eluded him, that is until one fateful moment—a moment in which he witnessed his worth, his impact. Ever since, Adam has lived with a transparent purpose, informed by what happened that day, and defined by what matters most. A man full of experience, wisdom, and light-heartedness, Adam Braatz understands first-hand the power of a single moment. In it, we can uncover our future. We can uncover our truth."

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